programming • aug 2015


a psychedelic sheep platforming game made for SPJam 2015

Sheepnip is a game jam project about a sheep collecting its equivalent to catnips, while avoiding a bad trip.

you play as Shipirina, a sheep who leaves her old, boring, black and white world and begins a psychedelic journey. for every Sheepnip she eats, her world gets more distorted. she must be careful, though: too many can be rather dangerous, and she can’t stay still, as the bad trip is slowly approaching her.

the game is a game jam project made for SPJam 2015, a local game jam in São Paulo, in 48 hours. the theme was “Viagem” and also “Viajem”; such letter swap makes the meaning go from “Travel/Trip” to “Go wild”, respectively. it was our first game as Melancia.

made by Melancia:

  • César Alasmar: illustration
  • Gabriel Naro (guest help): audio
  • Júlia Yamamoto: programming
  • Paula Puiupo: illustration
  • unphook: programming
  • Victor Savariego: level design

made with Unity (programming) and Adobe Photoshop (art).