programming, illustration • aug 2016


a game jam project for Ludum Dare #36 about building pyramids in weird ways

Poramid is a game jam project about building pyramids in weird ways.

in it, the player controls Onubis, Anubis’s son, who decided to run his own business as a pyramid builder. they must then guide him as he takes requests from his clients and tries his best at working with clumsy technologies, such as a weird elastic rope, a completely imprecise catapult, a borrowed UFO with nonsense controls, or just give up and carry bricks with his bare paws.

the controls are purposely clumsy; part of the sense of humour of the game is accidentally building completely messed up pyramids and then just going with it.

the game is a game jam project made for Ludum Dare #36 in the span of 3 days, while the team gathered at the musician’s house in Ilhabela. the theme of the game jam was “Ancient Technology”.


  • kcyred: concept, level design, writing
  • mizu: concept, illustration, writing
  • raphaelgoulart: audio, illustration, level design
  • unphook: programming, illustration
  • vxdeed: art

made with Unity (programming), Adobe Photoshop, FireAlpaca (art) and OpenMPT (music).