programming • oct 2017


a game jam project for SPJam 2017 about redimensioning a ghost

Meninu is a game jam project about a ghost trying to possess a creature, posing as a Meninu, to try and prove to others that it’s not actually a human.

during each stage, the player must change the ghost’s shape to fit Meninu, and depending on how accurate it was, the player has more control over what Meninu has to say next.

the game is a game jam project made for SPJam 2017, a local game jam in São Paulo whose theme was “Dimension”. developed in the span of 2 days. the game was made by Melancia, our game dev group.

made by Melancia:

  • Júlia Yamamoto: programming
  • Paula Puiupo: illustration
  • Raphael Goulart: audio
  • unphook: programming
  • Victor Savariego: level design

made with Unity (programming), Adobe Photoshop (art) and OpenMPT (music).