a pic of me


i’m Lu! i’m a game developer located in São Paulo, Brazil. unphook is my common handle for this kinda thing.

i’ve been working with Unity for half a decade now, and it’s usually my go-to tool for gamedev stuff. especially for game jams, which are a big part of what i usually end up doing.

at university, i’m a Computer Science student, coming close to graduating! i’m also an alumna of the Apple Developer Academy; i spent a couple years in there learning about iOS development and creating apps, focusing mostly in game development using Swift and SpriteKit.

i’m a hobbyist illustrator too, eventually drawing stuff for games i participate in. although it isn’t my main focus, i’ve been trying to evolve more on that aspect.

i’m part of Melancia, a game jam group, and we’ve joined a bunch of game jams together by now! i’m also part of the Clone Hero development team.

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